My top 20 of little things you can do for your well-being


The Internet is full of good advice on how to make your life more beautiful and better. Everybody’s talking about self-love and well-being, which can be quite overwhelming from time to time. I am well aware of that. And yet, I would like to share with you a list of little tips and tricks which really help me to feel good, strong, grounded and connected to myself. Because apart from all the hype around the topic, it still remains true: The person we spend most of our lives with and with whom we converse the most – whether consciously or unconsciously – is ourself. And that is why it’s so important to treat ourselves with love and care. Not only our bodies but also our souls.

This list is by no means complete and you can expand it as you please. And of course, you don’t have to do everything at once! If you would, there would be no time left for sleeping … 😉
So really, I don’t mean to put any pressure on you at all. But if some of my suggestions resonate with you or sound appealing to you, then just let yourself be inspired, try it out and see for yourself what feels good and gives you pleasure.

  1. Start each day with a friendly and loving „Good Morning!” to yourself.
    You can say it out loud or silently within. The same goes for „Good night” and „Enjoy your meal”. Observe what this little gesture does to you. I personally automatically feel much happier and motivated.
  2. Treat yourself to the first moments/hours of the day without your phone.
    Get an alarm clock if you need to get up at a certain time and leave the phone off until you really need it. On an intuitive level, I have known for quite some time, that I should reduce my online time in order to be more focussed. The other day, I finally read a very interesting argument supporting this intuitive hunch: „Resist the temptation to wake up and immediately check messages, emails or social media on your phone or some other device. The moment you do this (or read the paper, listen to the radio, watch TV) you are affirming that the mundane affairs of the physical world are more important to you than your purpose and destiny. You are confirming to the universe that other people’s ideas and/or gossip have priority over the evolution of your soul. You’ll feel scattered and off-path for the day and drift away from happiness and towards misery.”
  3. Deactivate the notifications on your phone.
    This will help you to concentrate on what you’re doing without being distracted.
  4. Whatever you planned to do, do it and don’t postpone or delay it.
    Whether it’s your morning routine, a phone call or a dream you’ve always wanted to fulfil. Don’t wait until tomorrow. (More about Immediacy in this article).
  5. Surround yourself with people who love and inspire you.
    Make sure you spend your time with people who lift you up and don’t drag you down. Now, I don’t say we should all be fair-weather-friends and run off when things get tough. But there is a difference between somebody being down because of some good reasons and somebody who always paints everything black, weighing themselves and everybody else down. The same goes for people who constantly gossip about others. These, too, bring your frequency down. So my advice is to critically re-evaluate these friendships and deal with the consequences.
    One very nice way to connect with like-minded people is through a Women’s or Men’s circle, which can even take place in a digital meeting room if necessary. In these gatherings, you usually talk about a specific topic or shared interests. I am currently attending a weekly virtual Women’s Circle with four other women I met at a Meditation Teacher Training in Bali earlier this year. Our shared background is in meditation and spirituality but we keep it really practical and personal and don’t get lost in concepts. The input, support and inspiration I get through this group are very important to me, especially in these times.
  6. Yoga.
    You can choose a nice and gentle style or do some classes that will really make you sweat, according to your experience and needs. There are so many courses on offer – even online – so that everybody can find the right thing for them. You’re never too old for yoga! 😉
    I personally see my yoga practice as a mix of exercise and meditation: When I practice the asanas, I hardly think at all and get into a flow which soothes and nourishes both body and soul.
  7. Meditation.
    To meditate doesn’t necessarily mean to remain seated in lotus position for all eternity until your legs fall asleep. There are numerous different styles like sound meditations, active meditations which include dancing and shaking, and many many more. Depending on what kind of person you are and what you need at a given moment, meditation can help you to gain clarity, silence the monkey mind or simply calm you. You can also incorporate breathing exercises (e.g. pranayama) into your meditation. If you need some inspiration for simple meditations, check out my IGTV-channel.
  8. Exercise and movement.
    Whether it’s endurance sports, weight training or simply dancing in the morning in your pyjamas to your most embarrassing favourite songs. Exercise and movement are good for your body and soul and lift your spirits.
  9. Go out and get some air.
    Some fresh air if possible. Out into nature, if possible. The colour green calms the mind and helps you to regenerate. If there isn’t any green nearby: still go out. The fresh air will do you good and exercise anyway, as we’ve already seen 🙂
  10. Be present and attentive.
    Try to be fully present in everything you do. When you prepare your food, prepare your food. When you eat, eat. When you climb the stairs, climb the stairs and so on. The less you include additional distractions such as listening to music, talking on the phone, etc., in all the small and large everyday activities, the more present you are. This might almost sound banal, but this is the only way to really live. Because life always happens now, and only now.
  11. Treat and spoil yourself.
    I know, this sounds like straight out of a women’s magazine, but who cares? Light a nice scented candle or incense sticks, if you’re into that. Take a bubble bath, get a massage, buy yourself flowers, put some fresh linen on your bed … spoil yourself the way you would spoil your lover.
  12. Journal.
    Writing down your thoughts can be so helpful! For example, if your thoughts go round in your head in loops, you can most probably gain some clarity just by writing them down. If you’re trapped in a negative loop, writing down your thought helps you to see how hard you’re being on yourself. And when you realize that and then remember that you want to practice more self-love, you’ve already taken the first step into solving a harmful pattern.
  13. Practice gratitude.
    A beautiful and simple practice is to write down everything you are thankful on a given day. Just give it a try! You might be surprised to see that the list will probably be longer than you expected. You can use an extra notebook or your diary. I keep a list of bullet points on the back pages of my diary. This way I can see at one glance everything for which I have ever been grateful, even days, weeks, months or years later. And this fills me with even more gratitude every time.
    Additionally, you can write down what you want to manifest in your life.
    I suggest doing this in the evening just before sleeping. This way, you will possibly integrate the positive thoughts and energies into your dreams and make you sleep better. Which brings me to my next point:
  14. Get enough sleep.
  15. Drink enough water.
  16. Fast and detox if you feel you need to cleanse yourself.
    There are many different types of fasting. I have done a lot of alkaline fasting, juice fasting and tea fasting and you can read about my experiences with each of them in this article. At the moment, I just finished a 3-day ayurvedic kitchari cleanse, about which I have written here in detail. I really do good with fasting and do it on a regular basis, but it is not for everybody. You have to find out for yourself if you want to do it and if it is safe for you (you might want to consult a doctor first).
  17. Morning walks (without your mobile, dog or shopping list!)
    Just put on your jacket over your pyjama and leave the house. If you go out (early) in the morning right after waking up, you will absorb the vibrations of the day. Indulge in this precious moment, hold your face into the morning sun and breathe in the fresh air of this new day.
    This way, if you sit a lot for the rest of the day, you already got a little fresh air and some gentle movement.
  18. Eat healthy food.
    Every person is different and there is no one-fits-all diet. Some people need more protein, others more fibre and so on. So listen to yourself: What does your body need to feel healthy, fit and happy? Are you really hungry right now, or are you just following an appetite? Do you use eating as a temporary substitute satisfaction? If so: Take a closer look at what lies underneath.

    Having said that, it is obvious that fresh, unprocessed food is better than junk food, sugar, alcohol and the like … Because we are what we eat. And what we eat has an effect on our intestinal flora, which in turn has an influence on our mood.
    You might also consider going vegetarian or vegan as not to contribute to any violence on this planet and practice „ahimsa”, which means „compassion” and is the ancient Indian principle of non-violence.
  19. Make a conscious decision for or against listening to music.
    Do you automatically turn on the radio when you take a shower and do you automatically plug in your headphones when you leave the house? Be aware and critically reassess this automatic behaviour. You might find that you’d rather listen to your inner silence or to the chirping of the birds, than to music or a podcast. I often find it really pleasant to myself be filled with nothing but the surrounding sounds. This way I feel more connected to my environment and therefore to life.
  20. Take care of something or someone | Share your attention and love.
    If you’re not already completely busy with yourself, your family or your pets, it can be very rewarding to take care of something or someone who needs you.
    I, for example, have just sown flowers on my balcony and every morning I go out to check on them. It gives me immense joy to see the little fresh green shoots growing out from the soil. I also have a kombucha and kefir, which I take care of with a lot of love and dedication. A friend of mine called the taking care of these kinds of cultures as a „pet light feeling”.
    If you dare to take it to the next level, find out if you can get involved in a neighbourhood help project or contact an organisation that cares for lonely old people. It is a nice feeling to be needed.
    And if you want it easier: Write a letter! Nowadays, we all write and receive so little private mail that I can almost guarantee that your letter will really brighten the day of the recipient!

Et voilà! These are my little tips and tricks for a balanced life, which are not only valid in Corona times … 🙂

So, have some fun experimenting! And don’t forget: It takes time to absorb new habits and change old mind patterns. So be really gentle with yourself and don’t judge yourself if you don’t immediately follow your chosen routine every day.
But if you don’t follow it, look carefully: Why don’t you stick to it? And: How does it make you feel?
If you actually feel better by sticking to your practice or routine, you’re probably „simply” dealing with some inner demons. Rest assured, however: these demons might be stronger than you now, but you are definitely stronger than them. You’re also much smarter and much more loveable. You’re sexier and more beautiful and your smile is gorgeous. And when you laugh, the whole world shines. Basically, the demons have no chance against you.

If you need some tips as to how to beat them, here is an example: Let’s say, you planned to go running but it’s already 2 p.m. now and you’re still bumming around in your pyjamas. Well then listen to my good friend Christoph who recently told me that „Just putting on your jogging gear is usually a small but good step.” I’ve tried it and he’s right. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do now!

If you have any other ideas or recommendations, please share them in the comments, I am super excited and looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best to you and see you soon! 


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