My top 20 of little things you can do for your well-being


The Internet is full of good advice on how to make your life more beautiful and better. Everybody’s talking about self-love and well-being, which can be quite overwhelming from time to time. I am well aware of that. And yet, I would like to share with you a list of little tips and tricks which really help me to feel good, strong, grounded and connected to myself. Because apart from all the hype...

Asana Love Explosion – A yoga workshop combining head and heart


When I heard that Silvia Stojanovic was planning a workshop tour across Germany and asked her facebook followers which cities she should visit, I was among the first ones to shout out loud: Berlin! I’m a huge fan of Silvia since I got to know her and her teaching at the Portugal Spirit Festival, where she was teaching the final closing class called „Love Explosion“. I will always remember this...

Portugal Spirit Festival: Love, healing, connection – On the unifying effect of yoga, deep breathing and tears


The Portugal Spirit Festival that took place in mid-September in Cascais near Lisbon, was the first European edition of the well-established Bali Spirit Festival, which is attracting fans of yoga, dance and music with a spiritual approach from all over the world since 2008 already. And now Portugal. I had the chance to be invited as a blogger and participant and am truly happy and grateful for...