Which meditation should I choose?


Do you belong to those who believe that meditation is not for them? Could it be that you have not yet found the right meditation for you? Read on if you want to learn more about the different types and their effects, about trial and error and about listening to yourself.

The 7 attitudinal foundations of mindfulness


Mindfulness is often mentioned along with meditation, yoga, wellness, self-care. But what exactly does it mean? Well, it's an attitude towards life. Being mindful or practicing mindfulness lets us deal with situations in a certain way. This way, mindfulness is not only valuable in meditation but in life in general. This article explains the 7 basic attitudes behind mindfulness.

What is stress?


Everyone knows what we mean when we say we are „stressed”. But what happens really when we experience stress? And how can we counteract it? This article offers answers to both questions and a little more.

8 weeks of MBSR, Part 1: All is new


8 weeks of MBSR, Part 1: All is new MBSR. These four letters are not the abbreviation for mind blowing sex reaction. Instead, they stand for „mindfulness based stress reduction“. And that’s at least as beneficial for your body, mind and soul … This method, which is about meditating and connecting with your breath in order to anchor yourself in the present moment, was developed in the 1970ies by...