3 day kitchari cleanse – an ayurvedic detox cure


A month ago I tried an Ayurvedic detox cure, the so-called kitchari cleanse, which goes as follows: For three days, all you eat is the same delicious and super nourishing Indian dish made of mung bean dal, basmati rice and some fun toppings. A mono diet to help your digestion to detox in a very gentle way. Super easy and really delicious!

Fasting. Juicy pleasures instead of fast food.


I love to fast. It’s just such a treat for my body and soul. Unless we’re talking about tea fasting. This extreme method brought me to my knees in a matter of days and almost drove me crazy. What I really like, though, is juice fasting or the so called „Basenfasten“ – a diet based on only alkaline food, such as fruit and vegetables and some nuts. There is apparently no english word for it, so...