Meditation with Noémie


Meditation with Noémie

Meditation with mudras
  • You feel stressed and need a break?
  • Your thoughts are turning in circles and you could really use some more focus, clarity and equanimity?
  • You want to feel more connected to yourself and in relationships?
  • You want to break old patterns which are not serving you any more?
  • You’re having trouble sleeping because the monkey mind just won’t shut up?
  • You have a hard time to stay focused in your job?

If this sounds familiar: Why not try meditation?

Meditation is for everyone and can be a truly lighthearted and joyful experience! It has already helped me through many difficult phases of my life. Now I want to share its benefits with others.

– Noémie

The benefits of meditation

Meditation is for everyone and can be integrated into every life, no matter where. It is neither a modern hype nor a mystical tradition solely practised by Indian yogis, gurus and ascetics. It does not even necessarily have to be super-spiritual. Even very down-to-earth people practise meditation and its positive effects on the brain have already been proven scientifically countless times now.

We meditate to be more present in the here and now – mindful – and also to practise the art of being free from constant judgement. This way, meditation can free us from the constant chatter of the mind, which we call „the monkey mind”, lower our stress level and strengthen our resilience and our immune system. It helps us to be more relaxed, more focused, happier and healthier.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the excuses, which keep you from taking action? I’ve got no time, I can’t sit still, this is not for me …
If you are, I am here for you and will gladly help and guide you through the journey!

My meditation offer

Group meditations

To meditate in a group can be very powerful. You feel safe in the group as you share and enhance each other’s energy. This even works online!

Individual meditations

You want more intimacy and flexibility? Or you want to tackle a special topic? Then my individual meditation packages are just what you need!

Me meditating

About me

Regular meditation has been an integral part of my life for about 5 years now. In summer 2019 I started to facilitate – both groups and individual sessions, live and online.
You can read more about how I became a facilitator in this article. I have already tried many different styles: from guided meditations to activate the chakras, via MBSR and Vipassana à la Goenka, to active meditations. In order to deepen my own experience, I completed a facilitator training for Osho meditations and a teacher training for „Active Consciousness Meditations” in Bali. I have facilitated meditations in such different settings as a greek Osho commune, at Burning Man in the desert of Nevada, and in different studios in Berlin – live and via zoom.
My approach on meditation is a rather playful one, as I like to integrate feel its light, sensual and joyful qualities as well. This way, meditation can become a feel-good ritual to which you treat yourself.
You can find out more about me in the „About me” section and if you want to read more about how much fun meditation can be, then have a look here.


  • 8 weeks MBSR course (Berlin, May and June 2018)
  • OSHO Meditation: In-Depth & Facilitator Training (Lesbos, Greece, July 2019)
  • 200 hours Meditation teacher training with Punnu Singh Wasu (Bali, February 2020)

What others say about me:

Here are some „love letters” by people who have meditated with me.