About me


Hi there, good to see you and welcome on my blog!

I am Noémie, a blogger and meditation teacher, also a copywriter, translator and entrepreneur.

Spirit and the City is my passion project: Everything here revolves around meditation, yoga, travel and around my journey to a more authentic life. I share the challenges I have met along the way, and the insights I have gained.
I always write from my subjective perspective, the „Noémie perspective”. It’s like you’re sharing a moment with a good friend, in a café or in the park, on the sofa or at the bar, with a tea or a drink – depending on what we feel like – who simply tells you about herself and who helps you realize: You are not alone with your thoughts, your questions, your fears, your demons … your dreams, wishes and visions!

The name Spirit and the City contains my (at least) two sides: the crazy wild city life and spirituality.
I’m a born and bred Berliner (with French roots) and have danced many nights away with glitter all over my face. But I also have a serious side and love deep conversations – the real deep shit. Sometimes I quote Eckart Tolle and Krishnamurti, sometimes the girls from Sex and the City …

According to the chakra teachings I am a second chakra type for whom sensual experience is the first priority. One of my spiritual teachers even once said to me: „You’re here to live, feel and enjoy life, not to work and to achieve something.”
This sounded so beautiful to me at first, especially since I liked myself in the „role” of the (social) butterfly. But at the same time, I also want to create and „achieve something” in life and prove that I can do it. To reconcile these two sides has not and is not always easy for me.

With the help of yoga, meditation and a lot of self-reflection however, it got a lot easier and I feel that I am already a few giant steps closer to leading a more authentic life and to finding myself.
On my way, I have experimented with many different styles: I attended an MBSR course, went to a 10-day Vipassana Silence Retreat in Indonesia, lived in a tent in an Osho community in Greece for six weeks, completed two Teacher Trainings, led active meditations at Burning Man in the Nevada desert …
For me, meditation is something joyful and I would like to pass this on. Also to all those who may be sceptical. My wish is for people to discover by themselves, how easy and even pleasurable it can be to build a daily routine of self-care. This is why I became a meditation teacher. (In the section „Meditating with Noémie” you will find the latest information on the meditations I teach, making use of many different schools and influences.)

I wish you a great time on your own journey and would be happy to see you here from time to time.
Feel free to post a comment if you want to share your experiences. I’m looking forward to the exchange with you!

All my love from my heart,


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