I never look back, darling.
It distracts from the now.

– Edna Mode, The incredibles


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Work as Meditation: a daily rendezvous with my ego and its fellow monsters


What reasons can you imagine that would motivate someone to volunteer as an unpaid worker in a commune and to face their inner abysses? I know a few good reasons for this step and I did it. I was driven by the desire to explore myself and to dare what you could call a lifestyle-experiment. I wanted to see what would happen if I – a pretty autonomous single, living in my own apartment – were to...

Leading the way with a loving heart: about facilitating active meditations and how I got there.


A few days ago, I joined a Whatsapp-group to take part in the 21 Days to abundance-Challenge of Deepak Chopra, along with friends of friends and many people I have never even met. The challenge is about inviting abundance into our lives and relies on the assumption that we can create our own reality: if we believe that we deserve what we want, it will come into our lives. If we don’t...

The emotional jetlag. On the pitfalls of coming home after traveling.


After I have been travelling for three months at the beginning of this year – to Java, Bali and Australia – coming home was like a shock. This really caught me by surprise, as I was born and raised in Berlin, call myself a true Berliner and up until now could never understand people who claimed to be overwhelmed by the city. Little did I know … Emotional jetlag What hit me has a name. I call it...

Asana Love Explosion – A yoga workshop combining head and heart


When I heard that Silvia Stojanovic was planning a workshop tour across Germany and asked her facebook followers which cities she should visit, I was among the first ones to shout out loud: Berlin! I’m a huge fan of Silvia since I got to know her and her teaching at the Portugal Spirit Festival, where she was teaching the final closing class called „Love Explosion“. I will always remember this...

Fasting. Juicy pleasures instead of fast food.


I love to fast. It’s just such a treat for my body and soul. Unless we’re talking about tea fasting. This extreme method brought me to my knees in a matter of days and almost drove me crazy. What I really like, though, is juice fasting or the so called „Basenfasten“ – a diet based on only alkaline food, such as fruit and vegetables and some nuts. There is apparently no english word for it, so...

8 weeks of MBSR, Part 1: All is new


8 weeks of MBSR, Part 1: All is new MBSR. These four letters are not the abbreviation for mind blowing sex reaction. Instead, they stand for „mindfulness based stress reduction“. And that’s at least as beneficial for your body, mind and soul … This method, which is about meditating and connecting with your breath in order to anchor yourself in the present moment, was developed in the 1970ies by...

Portugal Spirit Festival: Love, healing, connection – On the unifying effect of yoga, deep breathing and tears


The Portugal Spirit Festival that took place in mid-September in Cascais near Lisbon, was the first European edition of the well-established Bali Spirit Festival, which is attracting fans of yoga, dance and music with a spiritual approach from all over the world since 2008 already. And now Portugal. I had the chance to be invited as a blogger and participant and am truly happy and grateful for...

And then I see a darkness – On meditating in the dark


Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my all-time favourite meditations: the „Darkness Meditation“. This form of meditation consists of sitting and meditating in the darkness with our eyes open. For this, go find a room you can darken as much as possible. If you don’t have curtains, cover your windows with cardboard or a blanket or sit in a room with no windows. I have found the right spot in...