About me


My name is Noémie. I’m a born and bread Berliner with roots in the south of France, a self-employed entrepreneur in the food business and at the same time a freelance translator for the film industry, a writer, speaker and presenter. I am an epicurean with a strongly developed second chakra, but I also enjoy contemplation and getting lost in deep thoughts.

In this very personal blog I will pursue all topics and issues that I am interested in and fascinated by, or which catch my attention and amuse me and I will share my experience with mindfulness, meditation and yoga, nutrition and fasting, love and relationships. Every once in a while you might also find me writing about new forms of working and travelling. All articles are based on my very own experience, as I am not a professional in any of these areas. This, I’ thankfully leave to those you are. But I like to experiment and love to attend different events on the above mentioned subjects, no matter how crazy it might sound in the first place. Why? Because it is fun! And because I always learn something and on the side even broaden my horizon. In the worst case it might lead to an interesting story.

And so this blog is as colourful and multi-faceted as life itself. And as Berlin, this crazy city in which it all began for me.

In my childhood there used to be an aphorism by Khalil Gibran, hanging on our entrance door:

„Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself …“

Probably an early enabler for my current affinity to spirituality. Some years ago a very dear friend gave me the book „Now! The power of now.“ by Eckhart Tolle. A book, which has changed my life: Since then, spirituality and meditation are an integral part of my life. However, I would not consider myself a badass esoteric. I do need and love a little glitter and glamour in my life. Yes, please, absolutely. As often and as much as possible.

What else? I love to dance and sing, love the colour green and real pistachio ice cream. If I was a goddess, I’d be Rapídita, the goddess of the airflow, which I invented myself, because I am so much in love with my black racing bike. I have a faible for Bikram and Kundalini Yoga and only this year jumped from the face meter diving tower for the first time. My beginner’s spirit is awake and open, I am sometimes shy and introverted, sometimes a curious adventurer and explorer and also more and more in contact with my own divine femininity.

I am fascinated by crows and the mountains. And the ocean. I admire Erich-Maria Remarque, Philippe Djian and Jonathan Franzen, but my all-time favourite novel is the small book „Bonjour tristesse“ by Françoise Sagan. Champagne and Crémant are a weak spot of mine, but I love beer with lemonade and french fries from the cornershop just as much. I enjoy street art and photography, summer days at the lake, picking cherries from the tree, giggling and kissing, rustling autumn leaves and the first chestnuts of the year …

To dare to come out with my thoughts into „this internet“ is a pretty exciting thing for me and I’m happy that you found your way here …

I hope you’ll enjoy reading and wish you a bon voyage!